Nothing Says Summer Like Relaxing With a Cocktail

Summer in Seattle is the perfect time for fun and relaxation, and nothing enhances the fun quite like a delicious, refreshing cocktail. At Snoqualmie Casino, you can expect great customer service and entertainment at every turn, and that includes the fresh, meticulously crafted drinks we serve at Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood, 12 Moons and our exceptional Mist Bar.

At the Mist Bar you’ll find all the classic cocktails you crave, whether that’s a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Martini or Long Island Iced Tea.

We’ve also added some refreshing summer specialty cocktails into the mix, including the Irish Spring and Mia’s Moonlight, affectionately named after one of our own.

An Irish Spring is the perfect mix of summer flavors, namely peach and whiskey. Whiskey, peach schnapps, sparkling wine and bitters served in a champagne flute – make this flavor-blasted concoction deliciously refreshing and deviously enticing. If real Irish Springs are anything like this drink, you’ll wonder why anyone leaves the land of leprechauns and four leafed clovers.

Also making an appearance at the Mist Bar this summer is the refreshingly fruity and energy packing Mia’s Moonlight. You may not have had many cocktails with Coconut Berry Red Bull as a primary ingredient, probably because it’s not the easiest mixer to use and a lot of bars don’t want to go through the extra effort. Our customer-centric staff at the Mist Bar have no such qualms about going the extra mile to deliver unparalleled flavor to our guests at Snoqualmie Casino.

This Mist Bar original was created specifically with Red Bull in mind. We wanted a refreshing summertime drink that provided guests with a bit of a pick me up for those late nights at the tables. Served in a pint glass, Mia’s Moonlight starts with muddled blackberries, blueberries and mint followed by Tito’s Vodka and Coconut Berry Red Bull.  The drink is finished off with a swirl of Deep Eddy Cranberry Vodka that beautifully swirls its way down the glass giving a beautifully translucent purple finish to this delightfully creative cocktail.

If that description is making your mouth water in anticipation, you’re not alone. This refreshing summer favorite in and of itself almost justifies the trip to Snoqualmie, but of course you won’t want to miss out on all the other great events and gaming opportunities calling your name as well.

Other Great Summer Cocktails

You can try all kinds of delicious summer cocktails at the Mist Bar.  Our selection of Mules are always a crowd pleaser with that fiery ginger beer served in a copper mug.  The ice interacts with the copper providing a chill beverage unlike anything you can get in traditional glass.

If anything rum based is your beverage of choice, give daiquiris a try. Daiquiris are flexible white rum-based cocktails that incorporate sugar, fruit juice or other syrupy sweeteners. Your sweetener of choice can significantly alter the flavor of these refreshing summer beverages, which is what allows people to tailor daiquiris to their unique tastes.

It’s also hard to go wrong with a classic margarita. Margaritas are usually a combination of tequila and triple sec – a sweet, orange-flavored liqueur – like Cointreau. Margaritas are classically garnished with lime and are often served in salt-rimmed glasses. The best way to salt a margarita glass is to run a fresh wedge of lime around the lip of the glass then turn the glass upside down and gently press the still lime-moist rim down onto a plate of salt, perfectly coating the rim of the glass with delicious limey salt.

Another great summer drink you can try is a Campari Spritz. If you’re a fan of prosecco and oranges there’s nothing quite as refreshing as this blend of Campari, prosecco, club soda and orange slices.

And of course, it’s hard to talk about summer cocktails without mentioning the mojito. This fun-to-say drink combines white rum, lime juice, superfine sugar, fresh mint leaves and club soda or seltzer for a light, refreshing adult beverage that brings the Caribbean to wherever you are.

Enjoy a Taste of Summer with Specialty Cocktails at Snoqualmie’s Mist Bar

Our circular Mist Bar is the perfect setup for a Casino like ours. The cool-blue overhead lighting accentuates a bar design that allows for easy intimacy or a fun group hangout. We designed the bar to be visually vibrant and engaging while simultaneously enabling our skilled bartending staff to efficiently deliver professionally crafted drinks with great customer service.

In addition to a range of delicious and creative signature cocktails and classic favorites, Mist Bar also features 16 draft beers, including beer frоm local breweries like Snoqualmie Falls, Georgetown, Elysian and Mac and Jack.

No classic gaming bar would be complete without TVs – the Mist Bar has four 75-inch screens – plus a cutting-edge up-to-the-minute sports ticker. You can follow the game on our 360-degree video display wall and all the scores of the day frоm the comfort of the Mist Bar.

Drinks aren’t exclusive to the Mist Bar. You can get the same cocktails and draft beers delivered to you on the casino floor as well.

Come Enjoy Refreshing Drinks, Great Gaming and Endless Good Times

If you’re looking for something cool, fun and exhilarating to do this summer in the Seattle area, look no further than Snoqualmie. We have loads of delicious drinks, delectable food and the best entertainment and gaming in the metro area. Give us a call at 425-888-1234 to learn more or come visit today!