New Electric Charging Stations Added at Snoqualmie Casino


SNOQUALMIE, Wash. (JAN. 2015) – Snoqualmie Casino has installed 6 new Level II electric vehicle charging stations. The property now has a total of eight electric charging stations complimentary for all guests. Two stations are located on the first floor of the parking garage near the elevator entrance and another six are located on the fourth floor near the entrance to the stairs.

Level II electric vehicle charging stations were selected for their ability to deliver AC power reliability and safety to any electric vehicle and can provide a full charge in a shorter period of time, typically between 3 to 8 hours. Snoqualmie Casino is one of a handful of public charging stations available in the Snoqualmie Valley.

“We are continuing our efforts to operate a more eco-friendly business,” said Harold Ellebracht, Director of Facilities. “Adding additional electric charging stations helps us to keep up with the needs of our guests and the community as demand continues to grow.”

In addition to these stations, Snoqualmie Casino has made several changes over the past few years to become more environmentally friendly. Changes include installation of filtered water fountains and the use of compostable cups, recycling old grease into biodiesel and the use of LED bulbs throughout the property.