Fine Dining 101: An Introduction to Tableside Service

Tableside service is a fine-dining method of serving that involves some aspect of food preparation being performed right next to your table, usually on a cart. Tableside service can range frоm meat being carved and served to complete preparation of salads and desserts.

In the 1950s and 1960s, tableside service was a hallmark of fine dining. Even people who didn’t frequent restaurants that offered tableside service were at least familiar with the concept. In the intervening decades, the restaurant industry has traded this time- and labor-intensive style of serving for the faster, more affordable and less skilled serving style we’re all intimately familiar with today.

There are many contributing factors to the decline of tableside service. Many chefs want to maintain strict quality control of their food and consistency of their plating. There has also been a foundational shift in serving jobs frоm being a long-term career that required years of training and skill development to a short-term, unskilled entry-level type position.

However, tableside service is making a significant comeback in fine dining circles, particularly in chic New York and Los Angeles restaurants. Many diners are seeking a classier, more luxurious dining experience that really feels like a special night out. Gourmet restaurants that provide tableside service also enjoy the free social media exposure they get when diners appreciatively share photos of their server’s unique tableside preparations and flaming desserts on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

People looking for this type of experience in Seattle or Issaquah can find one by visiting Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood at Snoqualmie Casino, one of the few fine-dining establishments in the area to offer tableside service.

Tableside Dining at Snoqualmie Casino

One of the classic aspects of tableside dining at a high-class surf and turf restaurant is tableside carving. Your server wheels your meat right to your table and carves it in front of you before serving it to your plate.

Bananas foster, one of the desserts served tableside at Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood, is another dish that’s traditionally prepared tableside. Not only is banana’s foster delicious, it also features a satisfying flame as rum is added to the banana, brown sugar, butter and banana liqueur mixture. The beautifully caramelized and tableside-hot mixture is then poured over freshly served vanilla ice cream for maximum impact.

Another tableside classic available at Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood is our authentic Caesar Salad, served with pickled anchovies and sourdough. If you’re a fan of this salad style, you owe it to yourself to try it prepared tableside at least once. The process begins with your server creaming together fresh black pepper, garlic, Dijon mustard and anchovies. Once this mixture is a smooth consistency, they add Worcestershire and an egg yolk, which is separated at your table. This is followed by lemon juice and olive oil, which is all stirred together and mixed with freshly cut Romaine lettuce and topped with Parmesan Reggiano cheese.

Patrons of our gourmet restaurant get to enjoy their tableside-served meal with magnificent panoramic views of the Snoqualmie Valley and the luxurious atmosphere we strive to cultivate in our fine-dining establishment.

You can learn more about the tableside fine dining experience at Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood by reading KING5’s review of our restaurant experience, or by calling us today at (425) 888-1234 to make a reservation.