Planning a Casino Night for Friends and Family

Are you in the mood for a fun theme party with friends and family? Do you want to capture the atmosphere and excitement of a casino in your own living room? We can help with that!

Casino Decorations

Many casinos are known for their themes. In Las Vegas there are the Flamingo, with an art deco/Miami theme, Caesars Palace with a Roman theme, Circus Circus with a – you guessed it – circus theme, The Venetian with a Venice theme and the list goes on. There’s nothing to stop you frоm replicating the theme of a casino you particularly like or come up with your own and decorate accordingly.

Casino Game Options

Some people go all out with the games by hiring professional dealers to run the poker tables at their casino-themed parties. If you want to find local poker or blackjack dealers, try calling some party rental or event planning businesses. You can also check online for local listings of people who may offer professional dealer services in your area.

If you want slot machines you can look for rentals frоm some party and event planning businesses, or purchase some relatively affordable novelty slot machines online. The only problem with purchasing slot machines is you may not have any other use for them once your party is over.

You can also purchase or rent card tables to make the experience as realistic as possible. There are actually some relatively affordable gaming table tops and card tables you can purchase if playing cards is something you and friends and family do frequently.

Casino party hosts can also find casino-style table top mats and other kits for games like roulette if you want to go that route.

Poker chip sets can be acquired relatively affordably and will definitely add a level of authenticity to your casino night.

TIP: Don’t use real money for prizes! It’s not worth risking a run in with the law for the sake of authenticity. Real gambling is only a legal activity in a properly licensed facility. The same rule applies to sports betting. You can use poker chips, just make sure the award for accumulating the biggest stack is some kind of fun prize and not cash.

Casino Party Food Options

You’d be surprised at how many gaming themed party food ideas there are, like domino brownies, which can pretty easily be turned into bite-sized dice, or Jello shot dice. One particular food serving style that’s become pretty synonymous with casinos are buffets, which is fairly simple to replicate in your home.

If you do decide on a theme you can also tie your buffet food choices in with whatever your theme is. You can stock it with affordable options such as French fries, chicken fingers, cheese sticks, jalapeño poppers, pretzel sticks and carrot and celery. Or get a bit fancier with bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, fancy cheese and crackers, fondue, chocolate fountains – really the sky is the limit when it comes to buffet food.

Seafood is another popular casino buffet option, especially if you want to make things feel a bit fancier. Consider shrimp cocktails, California rolls, crab legs or any other seafood you think will weather the buffet well and please your guests.

You can also choose to make cute foods that can be easily shaped, like heart, diamond, club and spade shaped sandwiches, sugar cookies, watermelon slices or anything else. Candy, like chocolate coins, can also be a fun addition to your desert table.

Add a Dress Code

If you’re going with a theme or just want a classy event, consider adding some dress codes for your guests. If you’re going for upscale consider sending fancy invitations and suggesting formal wear. If you want a tropical theme, why not tell your guests to wear Hawaiian shirts and hand out leis?

Do Some Research by Visiting a Real Casino!

If you really want to throw an authentic casino night in your home for friends and family, you may want to visit the real thing to make sure you’re accurately recreating the fun, electric casino atmosphere. If you’re in the Seattle metro area, luck would have it that Snoqualmie Casino is just a short 30-minute drive east of town.

To really recreate casino-style gaming, try your own hand at one of our 54 blackjack, craps, Spanish 21, roulette, baccarat and fortune pai gow tables. Don’t forget to stop by and check out our 1,700 slot machines as well!

Does hosting your own casino night seem like a bit much or you aren’t confident you can pull it off? You can always host an event at our luxurious facilities, which include access to our exceptional catering that can be customized for your particular event.

If you have questions about our casino, contact us or visit in person!